2PM’s Nichkhun has announced his ideal woman! Fangirls, be ready to be heartbroken, again and again.

On KBS2 “Shin Dong Yup and Shin Bong Seon’s Champagne”, Nichkhun participated in their corner called “Ideal Match World Cup.” In this game, Nichkhun numbered off female celebrities according to his preference and he chose Korea’s Ice Princess, Kim Yuna, as his #1. After revealing his results, he gave out a message to Yuna saying, “Be healthy and eat well, and let’s meet sometime in the future.”

During the filming, Kim Taewoo had predicted Nichkhun’s picks perfectly, shocking everyone. To this, he explained, “It’s the difference of already having been and idol and not.”  (Kim Taewoo was part of g.o.d) Nichkhun, also revealed, “As a girlfriend, I like older women better.” Now, fangirls don’t lose hope, because our Thai prince explains himself, “They treat you well and they have a lot of money.” In response to Nichkhun, Kim Taewoo commented, “If Nichkhun picks his girl here, the chosen girl is going to call him right away.  That’s what it was like during my g.o.d days.”

cr : allkpop